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The majority of our products come from our local Bay Area and Half Moon Bay hook & line fishing fleets. We also receive a significant amount of fish from the Santa Cruz, Moss Landing and Monterey Bay harbors.  Occasional pickups are made at harbors in Bodega Bay, Crescent City, Fort Bragg and Morro Bay.  Following is a list of the origins of the most popular fish we carry:




White Seabass are most commonly found in Southern California waters; however, Northern California waters see these fish in great numbers during the summer and fall.  Our White Seabass comes most frequently from Monterey, Santa Cruz, Half Moon Bay, and Southern California Fishermen.  White Seabass range from 7-50 pounds with an average of about 25 pounds.  Fish are usually delivered whole/gutted and yield about 65% fillets.


Most of the Halibut we supply live off the San Mateo and Marin Coasts. During late spring some of these fish enter San Francisco Bay to spawn.  Most of our Halibut is caught by SF Bay based fishermen fishing the North Bar, the Marin Coast, or the South Bar in front of Seal Rock, and SF Ocean Beach.  Occasional catches are made at Crissy Field, Angel Island, Treasure Island and other SF Bay locations. 

* We never buy “California” White Seabass or Halibut from Baja California. Our local fishery for these fish is regulated and sustainable, and the same cannot be said on a consistent basis in regards to the Baja fishery.  Many times the Baja fish is of fine quality but it is also somewhat questionable at times as to how it is caught and handled.  Our business has been built on the local White Seabass and local Halibut fishery. I will not risk hurting the reputation or consistency of the local Halibut and White Seabass we provide by purchasing and selling questionable fish out of Baja. 


Local SF King Salmon originate in the Sacramento River Delta System and the tributaries within this system.  Starting off as smolt, they make their way down the Delta, into the SF Bay waters, under the Golden Gate Bridge and out into the ocean.  They then spend the first 3-5 years of their lives in waters off the coast of California before heading back under the Golden Gate, up through the Delta River System to where they hatched. Once there they will spawn and die. 

Early in the Salmon season, fish are further offshore and are usually feeding on krill off of Monterey, Half Moon Bay, and in extreme Northern California waters.  These krill-fed fish will have a deep red-orange flesh.  Later in the season, during the late summer and early fall months, fish begin to congregate along the San Francisco and Marin Coasts gorging themselves on Anchovies and Sardines before heading back into the SF Bay and up the Delta to spawn.  Late season Anchovy-fed Salmon will have a lighter flesh color and be much fattier than the early season krill-fed fish.


Black Cod are caught in pots or in set bottom lines along the entire California Coast in offshore waters ranging from 800-3,000 feet deep.  Black Cod generally has a 50% yield from whole to fillet due to the large size of the fish's head in comparison to it's body.


We work with the inshore fishery made up of small boats targeting small Black and Blue rockfish and are limited to a catch quota of about 400 pounds for each boat every 2 months.  We work with about 12 boats who fish off the San Mateo and Marin coasts and usually catch their 400 pound limit all in one day to offer the freshest quality.  As a result, there are about 5 or 10 days each month that we offer these fish.  These are sold whole and usually run 1-2 pounds  each making them perfect to cook and serve as whole fish. We also buy non-trawl Chili Pepper Rockfish caught by Scottish Seine on the Mr. Morgan out of Half Moon Bay, and when the above are not available we will purchase from the local trawl fleet.

* Traditional trawl caught rockfish will supplement our inshore supply, but we always receive whole and hand cut from CA fishermen. We never sell Canadian rockfish that is machine cut and boxed as the freshness and quality do not meet our standards. Several Canadian rockfish species are also considered unsustainable. 


Our small boat Halibut and White Seabass fishermen often catch Lingcod and the big headed Vermillion Rockfish while fishing for Halibut and White Seabass. There are also times when they specifically target these fish.  These fish are usually caught from the waters between south of Monterey to up North off the coast to Bodega Bay.  Vermillion rockfish run larger than your typical inshore Rockfish and are suitable for fillets or sold whole.

Dungeness crab

We buy live Dungeness crab off local boats to support one of San Francisco's most historical fisheries. Our fishermen fish along the Northern coast and land their catch at Pier 45 in San Francisco to bring you the best live crab fresh off the boat. 


Available for a very limited time over a couple months a year due to the fish moving through the local waters. We only buy dayboat albacore when temperature break of warm water is no more than 40-50 miles out. This ensures small boat fishermen can depart in the morning and be back as nightfalls to ensure the freshest product caught that day. Availability is limited because will not buy from fishermen who are making 4-7 day long trips. True Day boat albacore quality is much more exceptional and we pride ourselves in delivering the very best albacore that cooks nicely and won't fall apart on the grill. 


Our hook and line yellowtail is caught mostly by fishermen who are also catching halibut and white seabass around the Channel Islands. This is a premium product that distinguishes itself from the yellowtail caught in Mexico with nets that harm the flesh and decrease the quality. 


The majority of our small fish (Anchovies, Sardines and hand premium local California Squid) are caught locally between Monterey and the Marin Coast.  Herring from San Francisco Bay are available when they come in from the ocean to spawn. Our non-dip net California Market Squid is caught by the local squid purse seine fleet off the coast of Monterey or further south in San Pedro.


  • Mt Lassen Red Rainbow Trout
  • Sacramento Sturgeon


We are proud to support fishing communities and aquaculture farms in the US and abroad by bringing in premium sustainable products from areas such as Alaska, Maine, Pacific Northwest, and Europe. 

Local fish become a scarce resource in the winter months, and as much as we love Dungeness crab, we simply can't run a business on crab alone. Therefore we form relationships with fishing co-ops, such as our Alaskan Halibut fishermen, Maine Lobstermen, and other fishermen and farms from the Pacific Northwest, Baja California, Gulf of Mexico, and in Europe. We ensure that they are practicing sustainable methods of fishing and farming and delivering a premium quality product. We are always working to find new and interesting products to offer you. Check out our daily product sheet for the current availability and give us a call to make a request and we can see what we can do.