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We are proud to offer fishermen direct seafood with the majority of our products coming from our local Bay Area hook & line fishing fleet. We are also proud to support fishing communities in the US and abroad by bringing in premium sustainable products from areas such as Alaska, Maine, Pacific Northwest, and Europe. 

If we cannot find a product fishermen direct, we work hard to ensure a transparent supply chain and provide you with information on exactly where your seafood is coming from. We partner with a sustainable seafood advisor to help us make sure our products ensure long term seafood supply and ocean health. 

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Placing an Order

To place an order please call 888-268-2774 or email orders to ordering (at)  

**Please do not text orders.

Our product list is emailed each evening after 5 PM to ensure the most up to date information. The fish business is dynamic and anything can happen so we prefer to not put a product on a list until we actually have it in our possession. 

Always feel free to call if you have a question and have not received the product list yet that day. We are happy to give you a pretty good idea of who is out fishing and what we expect to receive that evening.

You can stay updated in real time by following @water2table on Twitter & Instagram, also seen on the homepage of our website. 

When placing orders, please indicate

  • Species and Total Weight Needed
  • Whole Fish or Fillet
  • Other specs you desire and we will do our best to accommodate special requests on sizing, portioning, etc. 

Please note: Customers ordering on a regular basis are given priority on high demand local hook & line product.

Have a special event or need catering assistance? 

Water2Table Staff also has extensive restaurant and catering experience.  We are happy to partner and assist with any seafood related catering events such as crab feeds, clam bakes, oyster bars, sushi stations, etc. Send us an email.