Our octopus and sepia are caught in Spain by Spanish vessels and individually quick-frozen (IQF) on board to lock in freshness and taste.  They are then sent to Octopus Garden where they are thawed out, tumbled with ice and salt water to tenderize. After tenderizing they are packaged and refrozen resulting in a spectacular product that requires less cooking time and results in wonderfully tender meat.



Premium Octopus, 4-6 lbs each

Premium Octopus, 1-2 lbs, 5 lb or 10 lb trays

Baby Octopus, 8-12oz each, 5lb or 10lb trays

Pre-tenderized Octopus, IQF,  4-6lbs each



Seppia (Cuttlefish), 8 oz + each

Baby Seppia, 2-4 oz each, 3 lb or 10 lb trays


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